ASOLIVA's main activities, aimed at associates, cover the areas of administrative management, representation, information and promotion.

The association provides associates with up-to-date information by sending periodic reports and circulars about internal and external matters of interest, including general information, legislation and standards, promotion or foreign trade.
Among others:

  • modifications in legislation that affect the sector
  • producing monthly and annual statistics about the development and trends of exports to 128 destinations
  • reports and statistical summaries about the development of different markets and comparisons between Spain's situation and other supplying countries.
  • requests from potential buyers received daily by the association
  • precise situation of promotional campaigns, participation in various events, etc.

ASOLIVA is the only recognised intermediary between the Spanish Administration and the olive oil exporting sector, and therefore co-ordinates all matters related to promotion, Public Relations tasks, etc.

As a member of the Spanish Olive Oil Interprofessional Association, ASOLIVA plays an active role in the design and definition of objectives for the generic promotional campaigns of Spanish olive oil, which will be implemented by local agencies in different countries. Active promotional campaigns are carried in different countries such as China, Japan, Brazil, USA, Germany, México, United Kingdom, France, Russia, Australia, India or Indonesia. Among the activities carried out are:

  • Producing promotional material (information leaflets, newsletters, books, posters, recipe books, videos, news items in the media...)
  • Carrying out promotions aimed at consumers, restaurants, outlets and gourmet shops (tastings, sales point activities, etc.)
  • Organising visits by the press or by foreign professionals from the gastronomic world to different olive oil producing areas in Spain to demonstrate the harvesting, production and/or bottling process.
  • Taking part in seminars, forums, congresses and conferences about Spanish olive oil.
  • Preparing and/or sponsoring cookery courses, etc.

The Association also keeps exporters reliably informed about commercial fairs and any other promotional event of interest in the different export markets.