ASOLIVA, the Spanish Olive Oil & Pomace Olive Oil Exporters Association, is a non-profit private entity created in September 1977, although it has existed with different names since 1928.

The association is currently formed by 50 olive oil exporting companies from several Spanish provinces, mainly in Andalusia and Catalonia, whose sales outside Spain represent more than 95% of national exports of bottled oil and between 50 and 75% of exports in bulk, depending on the harvests.

The objects of the association are centred on defending the interests of its associates, and all kinds of measures are taken to promote Spanish olive oil exports. However, ASOLIVA does not make any business transactions of any type, and only attempts to serve the exporting companies with the different activities carried out.

ASOLIVA, as a professional association, represents the exporting sector when dealing with the Spanish and European Administrations, as well as with the Spanish and international organisations, associations and federations it is a member of.

At a national level, ASOLIVA represents the sector in the following organizations:

  • As a member of FIAB (Spanish Food & Drink Industry Federation), is part of Working Groups and assists to its Committees such as Directors Committee, International Trade, Coordination of External Promotion, Environmental policy, Food Safety, Labelling of Food Products, etc.
  • The Spanish Olive Oil Interprofessional Association
  • The Spanish Pomace Olive Oil Interprofessional Association
  • Patronage of the Olive Oil Communal Heritage Fundation
  • Olive Oil and Table Olive Sectorial Committee
  • Advisory Commission for International Trade Negotiations of the Secretary of State for Trade
  • Monitoring Committee from the Collaboration Agreement for Olive Oil Valorisation & Quality Improvement, Promotion & Consumer Information.
  • Sectorial Advisory Committee (Working Group for the Internationalization of the Spanish Food Industry).

At an international level, ASOLIVA is a member of:

  • NAOOA (North American Olive Oil Association)
  • AOOA (Australian Olive Oil Association)
  • FEDOLIVE (Fédération de l'Industrie de l'Huîle d'Olive de l'UE)
  • OLIVA (Brazilian Olive Oil Association)
  • Advisory Committee of the EU
  • Advisory Committee of the IOC (International Olive Oil Council)
  • Self-Monitoring Quality Control Agreement IOC (International Olive Oil Council)

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